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The Andritxola cuisine

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The sea offers a great variety of fish and shellfish. From the fish dishes is distinguished the sea bass to the salt, the mere one to the Majorcan or the boiled cabracho, between different dishes. The protagonist is the shellfish newly captured, specially the shrimps.

The meat also is present in the cuisine andritxola. The roast pork is the most valued meat and the lamb, also, occupies an out-standing place, since it is in use for cooking the popular Majorcan doughnut, which consists of a fritter of vegetables, potatoes and the entrails of the lamb.

The vegetable, likewise, is fundamental in Andratx's gastronomy, to eat alone or as garrison of other plates. With vegetable there are elaborated plates like the tumbet, the trempó, the roast peppers or the Majorcan soups.
Also plates are cooked by rice as the paella, the rice brut, the rice of fish or by snails.

Those who prefer less elaborated plates, have two good examples to try. The typical pa both oli - bread with tomato-; or, the bread with sobrasada.

The confectionary andritxola also is very popular. The almond is the principal ingredient of desserts as the gató or the ice cream of almond, raw or brown. The ensaïmada is one of the favorite sweets, smooth or with of citron preserve or sobrasada. For Easter the greixonera eats up and, as sweet pastas, stand out the crespells and robiols; as salty pastas, the panadas and the cocarrois. The cocas of vegetable, of trempó, of sobrasada and of apricot also are very traditional.

Andratx's wine tradition is represented by the warehouses of Santa Catarina, which elaborate wines of great quality with grapes of the vineyards cultivated in the properties of the ownership. Concretely, in Andratx one finds the property of Son Bosc, where the visitor has the possibility of visiting the warehouse and of tasting the wines.

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