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30 Years of the Arts Awards in Andratx

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30 anys Premis Pintura Andratx

Many collections, including art, arise almost by chance. This is not the case of the collection of contemporary paintings of the Town Hall of Andratx since this emerged 30 years ago on the occasion of the first call for the Awards Andratx of plastic arts.

30 years is enough time for that this set of pictorial work scope such number or entity that is worth that can be enjoyed by all citizens of Andratx and those who visit us. That is why from the department of Culture has decided to compile a catalog all the prize-winning work during this time and edit it in full color and with high demands on quality.

This rich artistic heritage, increased and improved with the passage of time, it should not be enjoyed only by municipal employees and the neighbours who come to perform any management at the Castle of Son Más, but that we must ensure that can be viewing and admired throughout the world. In fact, there are tables that are in units which do not transit never visitors or users of the Town Hall.

With the edition of this catalog will be achieved, on the one hand, give value to the entire graphic awarded by the Awards Andratx and preserve it for the historical memory.

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Catalog text of the 30 years of Painting prizes
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2º premio 1976. Agustín Penades 3er premio 1976. María Vich Vidal 2º premio 1977. Mateu Alcina

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