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Iglesia de s'Arracó

S'arracó is a small town and lovely place, where the stillness and hospitality that is breathed in its streets appeals to anyone who visits the village of less than 1.000 inhabitants.

S'arracó retains the charm of the typical houses of the peoples of the interior, low and traditional , with a small orchard or garden; although it also looks samples from the stately architecture, as are the various houses in the modernist style, built with the money that the emigrants from S'arracó were sent from France to their family, most of which are located in the main street, the street France.

Importants buildings are like Ca Ses Monges, an old school, current house of culture, and the traditional cafés, which are the meeting point for the people of the village. But, the main builiding in S'arracó is the church of Sant Crist, built in 1704 by Antoni Ferrandell Marí, considered the founder of the village.

In its interior, stick up the baroque altarpiece dedicated to the Holy Crist and the altarpiece of the Mare de Déu de La Trapa, image that comes from the disappeared monastery of the same name. Also, in S'arracó you can find some of the testimonies of the rural economy,as are the old possessions Son Guiem, Son Joan, Son Castell y Son Nadal, as well as the windmills and waterwheels that recall a agricultural past.

As far as sports is concerned,the village has a modern sports facility, the sports field in Sa Vinya, equipped with artificial grass and prepared for the practice of sports such as football or rugby. But, excursions is the best choice of leisure activities in S'arracó. The landscape offers the possibility to make interesting excursions on foot and enjoy wonderful landscapes and unbeatable views. One of the most popular routes is the climb to the monastery of La Trapa.

A small family hotel and a couple of restaurants, for trying out the succulent dishes of te international cuisine, are also part of the charms of S'arracó.

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