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General Information of Treasury department

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The Area of Finance has as main functions, all those related to the economic
aspects, budgetary and financial related to the Local Finance.
Can be mentioned:

  • In relation to the incomes: study and development of the fiscal
  • In relation to the expenditures: study and development of the General Budgets.
  • In relation to the management of the budget: it is a system of recording, processing and communication of information on the economic and financial activities and budgetary developed during the accounting year.
  • In relation to local accounting: Record of all the operations of a budgetary nature, economic, financial and wealth management, in the effects of reflect the true picture of the Heritage. Fulfillment of the purposes of management, control, analysis and dissemination.
  • In relation to the Municipal Treasury Department: monitoring, evaluation and verification of financial resources, whether in cash, securities or credits from the Town Hall, both by budgetary operations as extrabudgetary, governed by the principle of cash.


Administratively, the Area of Finance has the following organizational chart:

  • Councilor appointed Area of Finance: leadership roles. Functions of coordination between the different Councillors delegates in everything related to public spending.
  • Municipal Intervention: functions of legal control, budgetary and financial.
    Formation of the General Account.Coordinate the functions or activities in
    the Area of Finance.
  • Unit of Tax Management: Functions of execution of fiscal ordinances, through the direct payments or by receipt of individual taxes, fees and price municipal .
  • Accounting Unit: implementation functions from the Public Accounts, according to the Instruction of Public Accounting adapted to the Local Administration.
  • Unit of Treasury: functions for the registration of the income tax and the
    rest of the income. Drawing up the plans for the disposal of funds.
    Management of liquid funds.Control of the Municipal Tax Collection.
    Accounting for the receipts and realization of the income.


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