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The department of Culture of the Town Hall of Andratx has a publications service that has as its aim to make a good widely and stimulate general culture and knowledge on the municipality of Andratx. Annually are edit Awards winners of Andratx: Baltasar Porcel with novel and Joan Baptista whith history. In addition to various studies directly related to the municipality.

The set of publications is available to the public, both in the library, if you only want to look, as in the town hall if the intention is acquiring. There is a regulatory ordinance of the retail price by the service, with an annex which indicates the value of the same, and it can be consulted at the end of this document.

Theme of the municipality

  • Andratx, Imatges d'Ahir. D. Rafael Oliver Grammatico
  • History d'Andratx. D. Joan Bta. Enseñat i Pujol
  • History d'Andratx comic, Mateu alzina
  • History d'Andratx segle XVI. D. Ramón Rossello Vaquer i Don Jaume bover Pujol. · --
  • La Dragonera, D. Ramón Rossello/D. Jaume bover
  • Rondalles of Raco, C. P. Molins is S'Arracó
  • Old Maps of Andratx
  • Son Más D. Ramón Rossello / D. Jaume bover
  • X Anys the coral d'Andratx. Dª Margalida Sastre Parral i Dª Catalina Mª Vicens Cerda.
  • Vivencis (2004), students at the School of Adults I Jornades d'Estudis Locals, 2004 II

I Jornades d'Estudis Locals, 2004
II Jornades d'Estudis Locals, 2007

Awards of Andratx 1995

  • Raig de sol i pleniluni, D. Rafael Oliver Grammático. (Baltasar Porcel- Prose narrative)
  • "Els quadres d'exvots of the parish church of Santa María de Andratx. D. Antoni Vicenç Batle (Joan Bta. Ensenyat- Historia)

Awards of Andratx 1997·

Starpower, D. Albert Herranz (Baltasar Porcel- Prose narrative)
· La Cambra dels Poetes, D. Bernat Oliver i Font (Baltasar Porcel- Prose narrative)
· Andratx i la Premsa Popular del Vuit-cents. D. Gabriel Juan i Galmes (Joan Bta. Ensenyat-History)

Awards of Andratx 1998

  • Corfú. D. Miguel López Crespí

Awards of Andratx 1999

  • Aigües Tréboles, D. Josep Fontdecaba i Fuster (Baltasar Porcel-Prose narrative)
  • Pa que nos vamos a engañá, Dª Ana Isabel Espinosa García (Baltasar Porcel- Prose narrative)

Awards of Andratx 2000

  • La ciutat transparent, D. Joan Guasp (Baltasar Porcel- Prose narrative)
  • El S'arracó sano, D. Gabriel Juan i Galmes (Joan Bta. Ensenyat-History)

Awards of Andratx 2001

  •  Les descomunals aventures del cavalles de l'armadura abonyada, D. Pere Morey i Servera (Baltasar Porcel- Prose narrative)
  • La marina d'Andratx (Segles XVI-XVII), D. Angel Aparicio i Pascual (Joan Bta. Ensenyat-History)

Awards of Andratx 2005

  • Una novel·la Andritxola, D.Macià Ensenyat Cabot(Baltasar Porcel- Prose narrative)
  • Son Orlandis, Dª Francisca Quetglas Bauzà (Joan Bta. Ensenyat-History)

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