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2- The Roman Dominion, The Early Middle Ages, The Arab conquest

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The Roman Dominion

 The entire society underwent a change after the Roman conquest in the year 123 B.C., with the foundation of military settlements and the organising of land into centurionships. Artefacts pf the period include reads, villas (Son Mas), boats, a milari, mile stone,etc. This would indicate that a great change took place within our boundaries.

The Early Middle Ages

Later, the region was inhabited by the Vandals and Byzantines during the 4 ? 9 centuries B.C. The presence of these civilizations is still in evidence thanks to the ceramic remains of Son Mas and Camp de Mar, among others. It was not until the Muslim conquest of the island in the year 902 B.C. that another change took place in its physiognomy.

The Arab conquest

It is very likely that Andratx formed part of the Juz de Al-Ahwaz.
There was a small cluster of houses and a mosque in the area surrounding the street calle Estrella. The remainder was structured into farmsteads scattered all over the area, such as Buendar, Ator, Biniorella, Tor, Salmanoir and others. From this
period, irrigation ditches, watermills, canals, reservoirs, etc., are in evidence.

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