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The coastline landscape

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Paisaje litoral

The coastline andritxol is very rugged and presents two stretches of coastline well differentiated. The north coast is composed of steep cliffs up to 300 m of altitude, which give rise to small coves of incomparable beauty as Es Rajoli, Es Fondal de ses Basses e or Cala en Basset, which are accessible only by foot or by boat.

The southern stretch, on the other hand, shows a greater number of geographic features such as capes, bays, beaches, coves and cliffs of about 170 m of altitude. Here are the capes of Cala Llamp, Andritxol and sa Mola, which offer exceptional panoramic view. The bay of the Port of Andratx, one of the best natural harbors in the Islands. They are fine, sandy beaches of Sant Elm and Camp de Mar. The coves of singular beauty as Cala Conills, Cala en Tió, Cala d'Egos, Cala Fonoll, Cala Racó,Cala Marmassèn, Cala Llamp, Cala Aritja, Cala Blanca and Cala en Cranc, Which are of a higher dimension than those of the northern stretch and some of them also are only accessible on foot or by boat.

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