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The Beaches in Port d'Andratx

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Beach with crystal-clear waters, with the shore and the gravel bottom gray, 55 m long and 15 m in width. It is located between the rocks of a cliff in an urbanised area of the Port.
To go to this beach, we have to follow the Avenue of Gabriel Roca Garcias and continue on the street of Cala Fonoll. A ramp, quite steep, allow to go down to the beach.


Ses Bassetes, more commonly known as the beach of  Brismar, is a small sandy beach at approximately 30 m in length and 15 m of amplitude, located in the harbor and the bay, between the pedestrian street and the pier. Its tranquility and small size make it very appropriate for children, although it has no beach service. It is very accessible, being located in the heart of the Port of Andratx.


It is a beach of 20 m long by 15 m in width, with the shore and the seafloor rocky of great beauty, that make it especially attractive for diving, in addition to being a quiet corner for sunbathing.
To reach out from the port you must follow the Avenue of the Admiral Riera Alemany, which leads to the residential area of the cap de sa Mola and continue the last tranche walking.


It is a rocky beach which is 35 m length and 5 m in width and is suitable for the bathroom and sunbathing, located in an urbanized area of the Port, without equipment of the beach. To go to this beach, from the Port of Andratx, just have to follow the road that leads to Cala Llamp.

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