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3- The catalan conquest: the Baronia

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Cańón de la torre de Llebeig

The catalan conquest: the Baronia

In 1229 the troops led by Jaime I conquered the island and once the occupation ended, the territory was shared out among the great lords who had accompanied the king. The Bishop of Barcelona, Berenguer de Palou, became the first Christian lord in the territories of Andratx, Calviŕ, Puigpunyent, Estellencs, Marratxí,Pla de Sant Jordi and the parish of Santa Creu de Palma. In the year 1323,a new treaty called the Pariatge was signed, in which the king and the Bishop of Barcelona shared the jurisdiction of the whole territory between them.

In the year1248 the parish of Santa Maria de Andratx was founded. A hamlet was set up in el Pantaleu at the coast, where later, at the beginning of the 14 th century, Jaime II founded a hospital with an oratory, dedicated to Sant Elm.

In the 14 th centurythe first corsairs began to arrive, and in 1406,a plan was started to fortify the town, which was never completed.

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