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4- Modern Age

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Son Mas reforma

During the 16 th and part of the 17 th century, two important events are to be mentioned. The first was the revolt of the Germanías,brother-hoods, a social movement against the ruling classes in 1521,in which terrible crimes against The Son Fortuny family by the Agermanats were committed. The Tower of Son Mas was defended in the name of the king. The other fact was the the incursions by Turkish and Arab corsairs, of which the most important were those of 24 August 1553,2 August 1578 and 9 June 1643.

The 16th and 17th centuries were times marked by famine, poverty, demographic decline and emigration to large cities, but in spite of this, two significant districts were created in Andratx: el Pantaleu and el Pou Amunt.

The 18th century was a time of recovery, with the creation of small flourishing villages nearby, e.g.Sa Coma and S'arracó. Fishing and agricultural trades developed, but also hardship and popular revolts, in addition to the political upheavals and municipal because of the publication by Felipe V of the Decree of the new plant, inaugurating a new centralized system of state administration.

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