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Andratx Pueblo

Andratx,known as the indigenous populations as "La Villa",with about 7600 inhabitants, is the administrative and cultural center of the village.Quiet and traditional, the people of Andratx is an obligatory stop for those who want to know La Sierra de Tramuntana.

Shops, restaurants, cultural offer, health infrastructure and sporting facilities are some of the services that can be found in Andratx.

The center of the town has preserved its attractive from a historical point of view and heritage. The former possession of Son Mas, town hill since 1998, is one of the most emblematic buildings of the area and is a must visit for those who come to the "Vila"
of Andratx.

Another point of interest is the church of Santa Maria of Andratx, erected as a parish in 1248, in which interior retains an important artistic heritage as are the baroque retables dedicated to the virgin of the rosary, to the virgin Mary and ST Sebastián; as well as the table "Cuadre des moros", that represents thealing Turkish August 2, 1578 in Andratx.

You can also make a journey into the past and the history of the villa through the streets of the old quarter "Es Pantaleu",where is located the windmills of Sa Planeta, the building of "La Cúria",old town hill and current headquarters of the municipal library,and the tower of So Na Gaiana.

The best day to visit Andratx is wednesday, market day in the villa,when the streets are filled with stalls where to purchase many products,at the same time that can be a pleasant walk.

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