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Local Police of Andratx

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Policía Local Andratx

Police headquarters is intended to preserve the security of citizens, the control of compliance with the municipal ordinances and the safety of traffic within the municipal area.

  • Specific units: teams dedicated to specific tasks within the police work
    • Green patrol: has as main objective control the rural environment of the village
    • Gender-based violence: Control and monitoring of complaints of abuse in the family sphere
  • Campaigns: road traffic safety education,raising awareness of the colleges in the importance of respect for the rules of traffic?.
  • Incidences in public road: In this section, in advance, warn you of the cuts on the street, by festivities by municipal works, or sporting events
  • Professional team:
    • 1 Inspector of Police
    • 6 Officers
    • 40 Policemen
  • Endow:
    • 4 patrol vehicles
    • 2 motorbikes
    • 2 snowmobiles
    • 2 scooters

Address and contact details


Avenida  de la Cúria, 3

07150 Andratx (Illes Balears)

Phone: 971-628008
Urgencias: 971-136464
Fax: 971-628006

Contact details

Email: policia-local@andratx.cat

Web: Dirección General de Tráfico

Date of last modification: 26 of octubre 2011 at 12:11

Ajuntament d'Andratx -  Av. de la Curia, 1 . 07150 Andratx
Telephone: 971-628000 | Fax: 971-136552
Email: sac@andratx.cat