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Municipal School of Music and Dance

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Escuela de Música

The Municipal School of Music and Dance of Andratx offers teaching of numerous musical instruments. As well, there are lessons in piano playing, singing, violin, viola, violoncello, flute, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, requinto, trumpet and provides, horn, drums, percussion and musical language. On the other hand, there are also lessons of popular instruments, such as the xeremies (pipe, a flabiol and the tambori, and Classical ballet and Contemporary Dance.

The School of Music and Dance account with several musical formations and vowels: Children's Choir, Coral of Adults and instrumental chamber, all of them free of charge.

To study any instrument at the School of Music is mandatory to registered, Musical Language (except students with 4 courses of Musical Language approved).


  • Individual and group classes to the subjects mentioned
  • Individual classes of instruments: guitar, violin, clarinet, saxophone, piano, singing, flute, trumpet, horn, percussion, etc.
  • Free Loan of instruments to students.
  • Implementation of hearings of students
  • Concerts quarterly
  • Concerts of the Children's Choir, Coral and Band
  • Cultural exchanges with other formations vocal and instrumental compositions and with other schools in Music
  • Travel
  • Concerts
  • Encounters of corals
  • Encounters of bands
  • Pasacalles, Zarzuelas, etc.

Activities by age:
BALLET: from 2,5 years
CHILDREN'S CHOIR: from 3 to 7 years
CORAL ADULTS: from 7 years

TIMETABLES IN THE CARE OF THE PUBLIC:  Monday of 16:30 pm to 18:00 pm
HOURS collective subjects: (see attached document)


It is reported that the School of Music and Dance is a service of the City of Andratx in deficit

(see note in January 2012)

Main services

Ballroom, parking and educational classrooms

Address and contact details


Calle  Catalunya, 8, 

 Andratx (Illes Balears)

Phone: 971-235887 - 670 914 174


MONDAY 16.45h-17.15h TUESDAY 17.30h-18.00h THURSDAY 14.45h-15.30h / 16.45h-17.15h

Contact details

Responsible: Alicia Moreno

Position: Director

Email: escolademusica@andratx.cat

Date of last modification: 6 of noviembre 2020 at 11:55

Ajuntament d'Andratx -  Av. de la Curia, 1 . 07150 Andratx
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