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Exhibition Hall

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Sala de exposiciones

The temporary exhibitions held in the Hall of the municipality of Andratx is composed of various initiatives and programs:

  • The annual schedule for exposures generated by the same Department of culture.
  • Exposure of the Awards of Andratx, where you can enjoy the winners and finalists of the contest, is performed annually at the end of June by the festivity of San Pere.
  • Collaborations with other institutions or projects for the dissemination and production of itinerant exhibitions at a high level, which, in turn, involves maximizing the economic costs that involve the cultural productions of quality.

The town hall gives the use of the exhibition hall, according to the existence of a regulation where specified the requirements of application and use of space.

Exhibition Hall is available at City Hall in schedule of opening of the Town hall to the public.

In the attachment you can consult the history of exhibitions since the year 2006-2010

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