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School " Ses Bassetes" Port d'Andratx

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Colegio público Ses Bassetes

Public Center where classes are held for the cycles in nursery and primary schools. It is within the program for the Recycling of books.

The timetable are from 9 to 14h and it has a dining room until 16h.

It teaches english from 3 years and offer the following extra curricular activities: painting, english, survey techniques, basketball and theater.

It has an association of fathers and mothers and the contact person is Marta Bartholomé.

The college is characterized as being within the program of Schools Ecoambientales, so inside the curriculum are integrated work related to the environment. The center has a school garden care and cultivated by pupils and teachers. It is also noteworthy that it is a multicultural school and which gives much importance to the ICT as part of its methodology.

Address and contact details


  Llaüt, sn

07157 Andratx (Illes Balears)

Phone: 971-671657
Fax: 971-671815

Contact details

Email: cpsesbassetes@educacio.caib.es

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