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A Heart for Andratx, Port's campaign in benefit of the Serra de Tramuntana

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Un Corazón Para Andratx

Andratx's business people have arranged, in collaboration with Andratx Town Hall, the campaign "A Heart for Andratx". The action starts on Friday, August 30, with the delivery of luminous hearts in exchange for a minimum donation of 5€ each. These hearts can be purchased at the main shops, restaurants, chemist's and petrol station in Port d'Andratx.

The total collection will be put aside for the bank account that Andratx Town Hallhas opened in exclusive benefit of Andratx Civil Protection, with the aim of attending the special needs originated from the Serra de Tramuntana reforestation works, as well as the compulsory clothing and insurance.

The action willbe closed with the official delivery of the cheque to Andratx Civil Protection,during the party "Night of Hearts", which will be held on September12, at 8pm, at Farmacèutic Gonzàles street, in Port d'Andratx.

Those who areinterested in participating in this charitable campaign can get their"hearts" at the main shops in Port d'Andratx.

Besides, thosewho want to contribute directly with Andratx Civil Protection for the recoveryworks of the areas affected by the fire can do it through the bank account:

Ajuntamentd'Andratx /La Caixa

Account: 2100 009206 0200191664

IBAN: ES482100 0092 0602 0019 1664

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