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An American citizen gives 100,000 euros for Serra Tramuntana recovery

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Regidor Llorenç Suau New Web

Andratx TownHall begins the new year with huge news, like the one-hundred-thousand-eurodonation given by a North American citizen. This person, who prefers not toreveal his or her identity, has visited the town in several occasions and,after knowing the consequences of last summer fire, he or she wanted tocontribute with such an economic figure. 

For that,Andratx's Mayor, Llorenç Suau, after some appointments and conversations withdifferent representatives, sent the Serra de Tramuntana recovery project to anAmerican foundation, with the foreseen budget and phases. This document wasanalized by different companies which, after considering it oprimal, approvedthe transfer to the Andratx Civil Protection account.

Many businesspeople and citizens have wanted to contibute to the cause. Some of them withcharitable events and some others with five, ten or twenty-euro donations.Everything is important. Thank you all for helping. 

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