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Andratx encourages Emergency services and Civil Protection

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Foto Emergencias Protección Civil

Andratx'smayor, Llorenç Suau Simó, has welcomed today the Chief of the DGIEJ EmergencyOperative Unit, Felipe Ortiz, in order to supervise the coordination actionsfacing possible risk situations.

Volunteersfrom Andratx's Civil Protection Miguel Torres and Josué Iglesias have alsoattended the meeting, with the objective of creating a strategy whichencourages this service in our town. Since last August, this body is in charge,among other things, of coordinating the volunteering actions of the Serra deTramuntana reforestation, which take place every Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm,and are opened to anyone who is interested at the web site http://totspersaserra.caib.es

Afterlast summer fire, relationships between Andratx Town Hall and the Govern BalearEmergency responsibles have been intensified.

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